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Heyey! provides personal web hosting to a small group of fun but serious people who wanted to make sure that their websites will always be hosted. Heyey! is selectively hosting websites to maintain quality. (About Heyey!)

Feb 13/14 Maintenance

Our data center will be performing scheduled network maintenance this Friday night to replace the core2 router. Although the time frame for the maintenance is 2AM-8AM (Saturday, February 13), we do not anticipate any lengthy downtime as a result. We expect the transition to go smoothly, however, should complications arise during the switch to the new router, some customers might experience downtime towards the start and end of the maintenance window. Ta!

Email login names format update

This message is intended for all clients on our Linux servers. 

This is about the spam emails that we have all been receiving day in and day out.

Unfortunately the situation has not improved and is actually getting worse.  Every day we are finding compromised mailboxes and a few servers have found their IPs listed on some widely used spam lists (RBLs). 

What actually is happening is that spammers scan the servers with programs containing easy username/password pairs (such as test/12345 or info/abc123 etc).  On a server with hundreds of domains and thousands of mailboxes it is easy to get a hit and once in the spammer can spam from your mail account.  This is not a new tactic but since most hosts clamped down on the formmail issue the spammers are having to use other means of which this is now the most popular.

We can stop this exploitation dead in its tracks but it’s going to require a very small amount of co-operation from you, our clients and your end mail users. Until now you have been able to login to your mail accounts and webmail via the username only.  What we need to do is tighten security and make each user login to mail accounts and webmail via the username AND domain name. 



Login: user


Login: <>

So as you can see your login name will change from “user” to ““.

Some of you are going to say, “But hey, I already use the full username and domain to login!”.  Yes, you are not wrong.  Until now the servers have supported both ways of logging but after this change it will ONLY support the full login name.  With this implemented the spammers programs will be rendered useless and our servers will be free from annoying issues such as being listed on RBLs making email bounce for some users.

We will make this change next week on Monday night (October 22, 2007) US EST so that should give everyone enough time to make this simple change in mail client settings.

Please kindly take note of the email login changes. Thanks a lot.


Preventing Spam through Dspam in PLESK

From the Heyey! Butler with love:

Dspam is the new Spam Filter functionality built in PLESK. 
Open your PLESK control panel, and go to your desired mailname, click Mailbox and click on the checkbox next to “Enable spam filtering”. And then go to Spam Filter -> Training (the Spam Filter button will appear in the main mailname page).

Google Analytics

It has been around for almost a year now — Google Analytics is the FREE website analytics tool from Google. Learn more about your visitor statistics, where they come from, and your search engine traffic (can your audience find you from famous search engines such as Google or Yahoo?) by installing just one powerful code into your website pages. Google Analytics is a great free and functional alternative if you’re serious about your website.